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 We generate e-novation.
We reinvent the web in Mauritius  

Bquad Interactive : a web agency
... but first an e-novation generator

Digital marketing & online Marketing are our skills

Not only a web agency, we are website designers, and internet strategy's creators.

In other words, if you have a need internet-related. We probably

have the solution. We are located in Mauritius and we work with

mauritians customers but also internationally.

" Often copied, sometimes equalled, rarely exceeded, but always honest "

The best is to talk about it together.

 Speech leads, example
teaches. Here are therefore our

Our clients

Reference is the spark that ignites trust.

Trust will be obtained naturally as with all our customers who have experienced our services.

We are without doubt not perfect, saying it, would be lying. We do our best and it seems that it is already very fine.

 Criticism is easy
but art is difficult.  

Website development

Need we say more?

We design websites. The latter are quality. Is it necessary to hold forth?

The best is to talk about it together.

Another way of sending Emailings,
cheaper and easier.  

Bquad Emailings : The eco-friendly e-marketing method

Let us get down to it . Send us your emailing now .

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